Monday, 17 October 2016

Brand Study: Cath Kidston

Target Audience
Looking at the demographics Cath Kidston targets mostly females, with the exception of having boys clothing in some of their children's wear. You can make the assumption that the brand targets this gender due to the feminine floral patters that it's famous for. It also targets a wide range of audiences in terms of age. Kenny Wilson, CK CEO, once stated that "we know that we can sell as well to 16 year olds as to 46 year olds". This is because although the brand has a very feminine aesthetic it can do that in a childish way approaching the younger audience but also a formal way reaching the older generation. The brand aesthetic has this nostalgic feel to it. The patterns are something that Kidston grew up with then created this range of products that remind her of home, England and the countryside. In this way she captured the older generation. The brand is also really good with approaching students by having a students section which gives them 10% off but also suggests items that they might need like kitchenware, bedding etc. Career wise, I'd say that Cath Kidston aims at the 'typical housewife'. When looking at Cath Kidston products you get this 40/50s vibe which have connotations of women being housewives, looking after the house and children. The product offer reflects this idea.

Product Offer
The product ranges from clothes to kitchenware to home furnishings. Cath Kidston is favoured in that it offers products needed for everyday life. As mentioned above (target audience), the brand offers everyday products for women providing more fun and quirkyness. Whenever I think of Cath Kidston I think of their bags. I think that was one of the first products I've noticed people with. I never really knew about the brand until I saw middle aged women walking around with them. Recently I've noticed products like laptop cases, bedding and garments.

Back to the CEO's statement, "There is not a direct competitor [for Cath Kidston]". Because there is a broad range of product, Cath Kidston doesn't fit into direct competition with any distinct brands. Looking at the product nonetheless, you could say that Primark offers similar merchendise. It offers, clothes, homeware and accessories like Cath Kidton. Nevertheless, the brands differ majorly in terms of niche, target audience and price. Cath Kidston offers a quirky middle range pricing whereas Primark delivers for the lower end mainstream audience. Another example of a competitor would be Claire's due to their sale of accessories. Again, the audiences vary majorly as Claire's targets the younger teens with the focus on accessories unlike Cath Kidston branching out to different products. To sum up, there are brands out there with similar products targeting similar audiences however Cath Kidston is unique in its way that it targets a niche market with its quirky patterns.

Shop Experience
When you walk into a Cath Kidton shop, I visited the Nottingham store, you're completely overwhelmed with all the patterns. You're basically smacked in the face with femininity. It's like the adults version of the Disney shop. I never really shopped in Cath Kidston before so I didn't know what to expect. You notice a vast range of products from bags to kitchenware to bedsheets. There's also a modern 50s vibe from the products but also from the layout of it. The ladies in the shop are super nice and genuinely want to help. When looking at the prices I did think they were definitely out or my range but I guess it's not really somewhere you go for your monthly shopping, it's a one of thing. I feel like it's a really nice place for buying presents.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Poppi Zine | Final Major Project

Final major project piece. Zine which goes alongside a series of dresses which celebrates a young, teen spirit.


Sunday, 24 January 2016

90s Silk Dress | Photography Styling Magazine Spreads

Photographs taken for a styling of a 90s silk dress trend. Implemented into magazine-style pages. Emphasis on styling the nightwear out.

90s Silk Dress | Photography Styling

Photographs taken for a styling of a 90s silk dress trend. Implemented into magazine-style pages. Emphasis on styling the nightwear out.

Prints | Screen + Mono

Screen prints along the first 2 rows (model monoprinted using dress from Carolina Herreras S/S 2016 collection). Screens developed from space themed drawings. Last image is an abstract monoprint.

Fashion Experimentation

Work from a fashion experimentation week including changing objects (eg painting bark white or cutting up a milk bottle). Images of their usage on a mannequin and pages of sketchbook.

Development of Space Ship | Experimenting with Paper

Demonstration of the development process of a space ship chalk drawing. Enlarged onto newsprint to work on the mannequin.

Paper Garment Development

Demonstration of the process of making 3D-like garments using newsprint pinned precisely on a mannequin as the starting point. Developed on Photoshop to create illustrative like images and demonstated on a human form to give a better perception of its usage.

Mirroring Garment

Image created using newsprint manipulated on a mannequin, which is then changed in Photoshop to create an illustrative-like garment.

Pattern Strips

Images of garments developed further creating patterns using mirroring and flipping using Photoshop.

Objects | Drawings and Manipulation

A collection of large-scale drawings of objects including magazines, earrings and shoes using ink and charcoal. Image of sketchbook featuring manipulated elastic bands using staples. Image of dyed latex gloves pinned on a mannequin to create a shoulder piece.

Life Drawing + Development

A series of continuous line life drawings focusing on the whole body and the head. A drawing of a hand which leads to the development of projecting hands on a mannequin.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

3D Life Drawing

3D Life drawing images. A series of sculptures created by wire and wax focusing on the human form.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Life Drawing

A series of no looking continuous line drawings focusing on the human body using a variety of felt pens and biros. Drawings made on tags and envelopes to show variety of surfaces. Lastly a study of foreshortening looking at perception and reality using HB pencils.
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